Advice from network: use a Roxell feeding system

In 2011 Sean Clark bought a free range poultry house in Oklahoma. The house is fully equipped with Roxell solutions for 8000 commercial layers: 297 LaiCa feeding pans on 2 loops on each side of the Koozii® nest, Swii’Flo® drinking system and the Flex-Auger.


For every 400 birds 1 acre of outdoor space is available. The layers will stay 17 to 22 weeks in the house and after this period they go outdoors. According to Sean it’s important to show the birds how to use the nest. At the beginning of the flock he puts every night the birds on the slats to learn them jumping on the slats.

Sean’s network advised him to use a Roxell feeding systems.

Optimal results
Thinking out of the box and combining my farming experience with the advice of my network will bring me to an optimal result. I expect a peak of more than 90% in egg production for this first flock.

Sean Clark