Wassam Farm and Fence LLC new Distributor in Missouri

3 November 2022

Wassam Farm and Fence LLC is joining forces with Roxell to help advance growth in Missouri. The addition of our poultry products will help them to further expand their range.

Expand availability in Missouri

Wassam Farm and Fence LLC has come on board to help expand availability in Missouri with a complete range of poultry products from Roxell. The northern reaches of Missouri will now also have access to products from Roxell, allowing us to strengthen our positioning in the region.

Wassam Farm and Fence LLC had been looking for high-quality barn equipment for poultry. Following a thorough comparison of different manufacturers, it concluded that products from Roxell, with their favorable price to quality ratio, were the best option.   

How did Roxell end up at Wassam Farm and Fence LLC as a distributor?
Wassam Farm and Fence LLC was a logical choice. In addition to having a favorable location, which means we now have a presence in the northern region of Missouri, they also have a strong background and knowledge of poultry.
Jose Mayor, Area Sales Manager Roxell
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Roxell is looking forward to this new collaboration, and would like to wish them every success!