4L Malco LLC, DBA becomes the new distributor in Gonzales, Texas

7 November 2022

For family firm 4L Malco, LLC dba South Texas Poultry Supply, the decision to opt for Roxell was far from difficult. By expanding their already high-quality and extensive range, they hope to be able to reach more customers.

Introduce us to 4L Malco LLC

Lisa Kotzebue: “4L Malco LLC South Texas Poultry Supply is a family firm from Gonzales that employs a team of five and has 35 years of experience in the poultry industry.” 

Why did you opt for Roxell?

Lisa Kotzebue: “We’ve known Roxell products for a long time, and wanted to be a part of the brand. In our industry, it’s essential to offer customers an extensive range of high-quality products. Not to mention outstanding customer service. By joining forces with Roxell, we have the best of both worlds – it’s a win-win.”


What makes you stand out from the rest?

Lisa Kotzebue: “4L Malco LLC specializes in the poultry industry. In addition to general coordination, we also support the complete installation project and provide systematic maintenance and support. There’s a good reason that our slogan is ‘Go the extra mile.’ This approach brings us lots of repeat custom, on top of new customers through word of mouth. That’s a real must-have in this industry.”

What’s your outlook for the future?

Lisa Kotzebue: “At the moment, we’re focusing on the distribution market. With Mike Lawler as vice president and Bobby Manning as store manager, we have the just the sales team we need to play an important role in that market.

Collaboration with Brian Brasher, Regional Sales Manager at Roxell, is also very smooth. In a nutshell, we have the fundamentals in place for a productive future of growth.” 

We wish 4L Malco LLC every success with their future growth plans!  

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