Multiflex™ feed transport


Multiflex feed transport for all types of pig feed

Multiflex™ is a feed transport system for creating a simple circuit with four bends. Many pig farmers use this type of feed transport in pig houses with electronic feeding stations for sows. The feeding places are centralized in an open space. The feed circuit only transports feed to this specific feeding zone, which makes constructing a transport system simpler. In houses with young piglets, it can easily handle the feeding process. 

Transport system with an auger for a simple feed circuit 

Multiflex consists of strong and hard-wearing Novicor tubes and a durable auger. The feed transport system is therefore suitable for all common types of pig feed: pellets, mash, your own compositions, and more. All feed flows fully intact from the feeding systems to the pigs.


Features of the Multiflex feed transport system 

Build simple feed circuits

economic solution

Multiflex is suitable for simple house layouts. With durable materials, we can build you a circuit with four bends. The simplicity of the system makes Multiflex an economic solution that will last for years.

capacity tailored to the use

you can transport a volume of 600 kg to 3000 kg/h (1323 to 6614 lb/h).

circuit feed transport

Multiflex transports your feed in a circuit from point A, back to point A. If you are looking for a linear system — from point A to B — we recommend Flex-Auger.

Outstanding quality and strength

durable and hard-wearing solution

the tubes are made from Novicor, renowned for its excellent resistance to UV light and large temperature differences. Multiflex will be tailored to your situation and feed type, and is made of stainless steel.

ten-year warranty

you can enjoy peace of mind with a generous warranty period (as described in our general sales conditions) of ten years for the auger. 

Long lifespan and no maintenance 

guaranteed performance

after the auger has been installed, it will never require adjustment. Multiflex is a solution that requires zero maintenance.

Want to find out more about Multiflex feed transport for all types of pig feed? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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How a Roxell overhead system can benefit you

Roxell has three solutions that can significantly improve your biosecurity. They handle the feed transport at the site and allow deliveries of feed to be made outside the walls of the company.


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