Combination of laying nest, feeder pan, controller etc., results beyond expectations

Patrick Claeys and Bea Bollaert took over the breeder rearing farm from his parents 20 years ago. From a very early age Patrick became familiar with the ins and outs of a poultry farm. Bea kept her job in agricultural education, acting as a source of useful knowledge for the farm. 


The farm is located in Aarsele (Belgium) and combines different activities: arable farming, fattening pigs, and poultry. At the start-up in 1970, the poultry house accommodated 6,000 breeder birds.  The house was fitted with rearing battery cages in 1992. 

Following the ban on such battery cages, Patrick switched to commercial layers in 2012 and had the entire house laid out for floor housing with Roxell equipment: from drinking system (Sparkcup™) to feeding system (LaiCa™), a double community nest (Koozii®), the transport system (Flex-Auger™) and a controller

The 3,000 organic layers have permanent access to an outdoor run. In fact, organic layers as a rule have an outdoor run of 4m² per bird. 

Durable systems for outstanding results 

At the start-up, Patrick picked up quite a few tips from the Roxell experts. These enabled him to make optimal use of the feeding and drinking systems. 

The results of the past two flocks exceed all expectations. We achieve a 97% peak in egg production. When collecting the first flock at an age of 76 weeks, the laying percentage was still 87%; the second flock ended at 80 weeks with 83%. Our feed consumption varies between 134 and 138 g. And the financial results are equally impressive.
Patrick Claeys

The quality of the feeder pans and the drinking system is unique. The large volume of the Koozii nest gives an extra boost to the egg production. 

A convinced Roxell ambassador 

"We regularly visit open days of poultry farms, but we remain firmly convinced of the added value of Roxell. If I were 10 years younger and the continuity of the farm ensured, I would immediately add a second house."