New animal-friendly feeding system for turkeys in Germany

“Our number one priority is healthy birds.” Ella and Daniel want their turkeys to be comfortable to prevent stress. Therefore, they chose an animal-friendly feeding system.

Biohof Picher (Germany) has been operating for fifteen years under the leadership of Ella Kremer and Daniel Willnat. In 2020, they decided to start raising turkeys and invested in two new organic houses, each housing 2500 turkeys.  Biohof Picher received advice on their house construction and equipment from Roxell distributor, Prüllage Systeme

Our number one priority is healthy birds
Our number one priority is healthy birds. We aim to provide a high level of comfort to keep the stress levels of the turkeys under control. That is why we provide 10m² per bird. We also selected the feeding system to ensure maximum animal welfare.
Daniel Willnat, Biohof Picher
Less stress, greater comfort and more growth

“Our Roxell system consists of Titan™ feeder pans and the Flex-Auger™ transport system. These two Roxell products are the core of a high performance automatic feeding system. The robust XL Titan feeder pan provides generous space for eating and is specially made for strong, hardy turkeys. The feed is easily accessible at every stage of growth, which makes the birds calmer. This results in less stress, greater comfort and more growth.”

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