2nd generation turkey farmer invests in modern housing equipment

19 August 2019

The Titan™ feeder pan tested in Poland—the European leader in turkey production. The 2nd generation of a family of poultry farmers is often very receptive to innovative, modern solutions. They understand better than anyone that they need to invest to continue to grow. However, they also hope that market prices will remain favorable in the long term, so their company can remain financially sound.

turkey-farmer-poland-krzysztof panasiuk-titan
turkey-farmer-poland-krzysztof panasiuk-titan

When Roxell launched the Titan feeder pan this year, one of the first companies to use the pan was Krzysztof Panasiuk’s turkey farm in Poland. He happens to be one of those 2 nd generation turkey farmers. We asked Krzysztof to share his experiences with Roxell’s new, modern feed solutions. An interview with a customer from the country with the biggest turkey industry in Europe.

You launched your turkey farm in 2017 and you’re the 2 nd generation of turkey farmers in your family. Why did you decide to start a fattening farm?

Krzysztof Panasiuk: “There is a huge demand for turkey meat, both for export and local consumption. Poland is the largest producer of turkey meat in Europe and we’re the worldwide number two, behind the USA. According to statistics from Aviagen Turkeys, each year 47 million turkeys are kept, and we saw a growth of 31.8% in the past 4 years. That's quite something, and it’s the reason why so many young people, like me, are starting turkey farms. I have the advantage of having learned the trade from my parents. It gives me a head start.”

You invested in a house fitted primarily with Roxell systems. Why did you decide to invest in premium systems from the beginning?

Krzysztof Panasiuk: “I’m very interested in modern solutions, but I also drew on my parents’ experience. They were always satisfied with the quality of Roxell’s products. The feed and drink systems are built to last, work smoothly, and are easy to use and maintain. It was only logical that I would approach a familiar face when setting up the new housing. Roxell also frequently releases new products onto the market that meet the modern requirements. That was a deciding factor for me. For the purchase and installation, I am assisted by one of their Polish distributors, the family business Inwest-Agro. The fact that we literally and figuratively speak the same language is a real plus. And they have good after-sales service.”

When you look around the house, you immediately notice the large yellow feeder pans. They are the new Titan pans from Roxell. What is your experience with them?

Rearing turkeys
I’m very satisfied with Titan, the new feeding system. My parents used the Optimax™ feeder pans, Titan’s predecessor, for years. I’m therefore able to compare the old version with the new one. The first thing you notice is the size of the pan. According to Roxell, the new Titan pan is 14 % larger. There’s no need to get the measuring tape out, because you can see it with your own eyes. There’s a huge difference. My turkeys now have much more space to eat, which means they are also eating more. This is largely due to the higher feed opening, which is adapted to larger and heavier turkeys. The higher grill also means that more light can enter the pan, which makes it easier for the turkeys to see the feed. If they see the feed, they eat it. My animals are therefore growing better with Titan.
Krzysztof Panasiuk
turkey-farmer-poland-krzysztof panasiuk-titan

Aside from the feed being more visible and accessible, are there any other benefits?

Krzysztof Panasiuk: “It’s very practical that Titan has a starter pan for chicks. The oval shape prevents 2-week-old chicks from entering the pan, so they can’t play with the feed or scratch it out of the pan anymore. This leads to reduced feed spillage. The feed also stays clean, free from manure and straw. That saves time, because I used to have to remove it by hand. I can now use that time for other tasks. I use the starter pan during the first seven weeks of rearing. Then I switch out the starter pan for the larger variety. All I must do, is change one component of the Titan feeder pan. It’s quick and easy, and a real improvement on the older Optimax pan.”

So, you’re saving time and feed. But what do you think of Roxell’s infrared heating?  

Krzysztof Panasiuk: “During the cold winter months, it’s crucial that livestock housing can be heated quickly and efficiently. In addition, fire safety is essential. Roxell’s infrared heating Quad Glow® 80 scores highly on all three of these criteria. The heater is a square model, which is the same shape as my house. Therefore, I needed less heating elements than I expected. So, the infrared heating is definitely highly effective.”

Low energy consumption at Krzysztof Panasiuk’s farm with Quad Glow 80:

  • Quad Glow 80: 12 units
  • Average: 9000 turkeys per house
  • House dimensions: 90 x 18 m
  • Energy consumption 3000 l per 15 weeks (LP/Propane)
  • Lowest temperature: -2°C
  • Average turkey end weight: 10.45 kg