Quality chicken deep in the south of the Belgian Ardennes

The demand for local meat that has been reared using alternative methods is growing among Western consumers. Organic labels and certificates are taking over our supermarket shelves. Local chicken farmers who obtain these labels place an extra focus on animal welfare, food safety and quality.


 great example of one of these companies is our client Ardenne Volaille, located deep in the south of the Belgian Ardennes.

Francis Wenkin is the face of this family business in Bertrix. His photo features on many of the company's promotional materials. Their slogan highlights their authenticity: 'le poulet comme je l'aime' or 'chicken, just how I like it'. Their range of quality chickens is sold in supermarkets under the brand names Crêtes d'Ardennes, Val Dieu and Basse-cour.

In spring 2018, Ardenne Volaille opened a new farm for alternative broilers. They built 4 new houses and now rear a slow-growing breed for Colruyt and Delhaize, two of the most prominent retailers in Belgium.

Houses fitted according to label standards

As the leader of a Belgian company, Francis Wenkin opted for Roxell's quality, Belgian products. It was a great project that Roxell and VSI, Roxell's distributor and installer for Belgium, were eager to work on it.


The 60,000 broilers are given feed and drink using Roxell systems. For their feeding system, they use MiniMax™, Roxell's most famous yellow feeder pans for broilers. The nipple drinking system Swii’Flo®, provides the chickens with water. The durable and robust Flex-Auger™ system transports the 100% natural feed from the bins to the feeder pans. The buildings are naturally lit and ventilated.

VSI equipped the houses while taking into account the rules in the specifications. They created a spacious environment for the chickens that meets the requirements of the supermarkets. The chickens also have access to pasture.


Successful Belgian project

After rearing a first flock in the new houses, the company was very satisfied with the installation and equipment. We wish Ardenne Volaille all the best with their new site and we hope to contribute to the further growth of their company.