Market trend: rising demand for space heaters with closed combustion installed outside the house

17 January 2023

The market places increasingly stringent demands on heating systems in poultry houses — both in terms of legislation and in a practical sense. In addition, the energy crisis is accelerating the evolution of heating systems around the globe. In March 2021, Roxell announced its acquisition of Holland Heater and as such gained 45 years of experience. Hans Koornneef, Commercial Manager at Holland Heater, talks to us about the recent evolutions in heating systems for the agricultural sector.

What was your experience of the market in the past few years?

Hans: “When the pandemic hit in 2020, like everyone, we were unsure about how the market would respond. Luckily, the market recovered rather quickly in 2021 and this recovery has continued into 2022, in spite of the complex geopolitical situation and the energy crisis.”

What impact is the energy crisis having?

Hans: “The energy crisis has pushed us to accelerate our innovation and it is therefore playing a crucial role in the market evolution of heating systems in poultry houses. At the moment, there is still a sufficient store of fossil fuels, but societal discussions and geopolitical developments place our sector in a vulnerable position. This all forces us to consider alternative, sustainable energy sources, such as hydrogen, solar power and wind energy, earlier than planned. And that’s a good development.”


Do you notice any other shifts in the market?

Hans:Indirect fired space heaters are gaining in popularity. These are heating systems with closed combustion. We have expanded our range to meet the demand, which is coming mostly from Western Europe and Australia. Many people are opting for space heaters that are installed outside the house, which makes maintenance and cleaning easier and limits the risk of infections. In addition, countries such as France have imposed strict fire prevention regulations. Placing heaters outside of the house is increasingly favored by legislation these days. For customers in these countries, it’s an easy choice to make.”

Efficient heating solution outside the house

In late 2022, Roxell launched the Siroc Sterling™ Outdoor space heater on the market. The Siroc Sterling™ Outdoor Space Heater is a closed combustion space heater that runs on gas. It provides a better environment for the birds, due to the outside installation, resulting in optimized air quality with no CO2 emissions or water vaporization inside the building. The installation, cleaning and maintenance are done outside the house, reducing the risk of contamination.