Dairy cow diet under control in Chile as farm mixes its own feed

23 November 2020

Dairy farm Fundo El Coihue wanted a feed program that would allow them to control the diet of 300 dairy cows. They chose the Multifast® batch feeding system. The result is high milk production. 

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As a dairy farmer, you may be hesitant to approach a poultry and pig system specialist. However, some themes are universal to every farmer, such as providing the right composition of feed, so your animals, whether pigs, chickens or cows, stay in top condition. The answer to that is to buy special feed, or to mix your own feed, while experimenting with volumes and feeding schedules. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of manual labor. Yet, it’s possible to automate this process. This is what led a Chilean dairy farm to approach Roxell.

Mixing feed yourself to create an optimal diet

The dairy farm Fundo El Coihue from Puyehue wanted a system that would allow them to manage the diet of 300 dairy cows. Owner, Sandra Neumann also wanted to save on feed costs and switch from ready-made feed mixes to mixing raw ingredients herself. A local installer suggested the Multifast® batch feeding system. Roxell initially developed Multifast for pig companies. However, since dairy farms also use rationing, Multifast was the perfect fit for the plans of the dairy farm Fundo El Coihue.

Feed program saves on feed costs

At Sandra Neumann’s farm, Multifast mixes ingredients that the system transports to her dairy cows’ feeding areas. Since Multifast was installed on her site, she has only bought raw ingredients and salt. The purchase price of these ingredients is much lower than for ready-made mixes, which results in huge savings. To keep the milk production high, adding the right amount of salt is crucial. The Multifast feed program takes care of this and adds salt according to the feed curve. 

Thanks to Multifast, I can now provide my dairy cows with a well-balanced diet. The system measures the ingredients very precisely, which is extremely important for salt. The milk production is now much more stable. Even though we are now feeding with much more precision and mixing the feed ourselves, there is no extra work involved. Quite the opposite, in fact, as this efficient system handles all the routine work. We are pleased with our investment.
Sandra Neumann

Roxell was able to realize this project thanks to Serviagro SpA. We thank them for their excellent support.

Feed kitchen for every livestock farm

Multifast is a concept that combines, weighs and mixes feed, and then transports it to the house. It is a feed kitchen that is controlled by a computer on which you manage the feed curves. The system also consists of feed bins, the Flex-Auger™ transport system and a weigher-mixer. 

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