Roxell is expanding and updating its range of feeding systems for meat pigs

1 October 2018

Roxell presents its new range of round, ad lib feeding systems for pigs. Blu'Hox now comes in a new range that offers a solution to the increasing number of weight classes and the growing Wean-to-Finish market.


The round Blu'Hox feeder responds to the ever more complex needs of the market.

Blu'Hox now comes in a new range that offers a solution to the increasing number of weight classes and the growing Wean-to-Finish market. These automated feeding systems reduce the need to adjust settings manually. In addition, the new Blu'Hox range guarantees a significant time saving for the farmer. Manual feeding is completely redundant and the material and the round shape is quick to clean.


Roxell is expanding its range with Blu'Hox W2F, a Wean-to-Finish feeding system. Blu'Hox W2F is a first-class solution for the Wean-to-Finish market, which is growing in popularity, where piglets remain in the same house throughout their stay. From young pigs to older ones, they have constant access to feed and water in the same feeding pan. The drink nipples can be height adjusted and the water pressure can be adjusted to suit the growing pigs. A unique feature is that the Blu'Hox W2F requires no extra manual feeding when starting up.

Nowadays, the pig market is making a shift towards using a larger number of weight classes. Roxell is responding to this by introducing a wider range of Blu'Hox feeders both for piglets and heavier meat pigs. Models range for small piglets from 5 to 45 kg and for meat pigs up to 145 kg.

The updating of the existing Blu'Hox products includes now making the feeder pans from stainless steel. They are easy to clean for the farmers and easy to install and transport for the installers. The sleeker design allows the pigs to stand closer to the pan. Young pigs can get to the feed more easily as a result. Roxell has also updated the agitator in the feed hopper. It is no longer possible for bridges to form in floury or sticky feed. For farmers who give pellets or crumbs there is a new pressure reducer. Manual control of the quantity of feed is kept to a minimum as a result. 

With the pellet pressure reducer in the new Blu'Hox I only have to check the optimal setting for the feed dispensing rotor every 6 weeks," says Peter Vermeire, a Roxell customer from Stalhille, Belgium. "I save a huge amount of time as a result. Time that I mostly use to observe my animals.
Peter Vermeire - Roxell customer

"These product innovations in our pig segment have come about because we always keep a finger on the pulse of our customers," says Frank Hartmann, Marketing Manager at Roxell. "We want to offer top products, which easily pay for themselves in time savings thanks to their quality and efficient operation. The innovations that we are launching today will make a fundamental contribution."