Agata Bartnik joins the international sales team

23 March 2023
Get to know Agata Bartnik

Roxell’s international sales team is expanding once again! Get to know Agata Bartnik who will support us in Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. Agata has worked as a Sales Manager for Eastern Europe and the CIS countries at Holland Heater for eight years now and thus brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new role at Roxell.

In March 2021, Roxell announced its acquisition of Holland Heater. With this move, we gained 45 years of experience, ensuring that Roxell can continue to strengthen its heating segment. The expansion of our constructive collaboration means that we can serve even more distributors and customers. Read our interview with Agata:

What is your new role within Roxell?

Agata:  “My new role involves reinforcing Roxell’s international sales team. As an Area Sales Manager, I am responsible for Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. These countries were selected because I already know these markets well as a result of my work for Holland Heater. There I work as an Area Sales Manager for the Central and Eastern European countries, as well as the CIS countries. In the future, my trading area can be expanded further to include countries in Europe that offer new opportunities.”

How will you juggle your work for Roxell with your work for Holland Heater?

Agata: “There is a 50/50 split of my responsibilities between Roxell and Holland Heater. Some of my tasks, such as business trips, are easy to combine. For example, some of my Holland Heater distributors, both in horticulture and the intensive livestock industry, are located in my Roxell trading area.”

Roxell and Holland Heater have maintained a constructive collaboration for many years now. My new role will only strengthen that further. By pooling our resources, we can expand our leading role in the agricultural sector in the coming years.

Which Roxell products will you be focusing on?

Agata:  “We are in the early days of selling the Siroc heating system range in Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. Using my knowledge of this market and my eight years of work experience at Holland Heater, I will proactively promote the Siroc space heaters to increase sales. My work with Roxell grants me access to lots of new knowledge and products, which will only improve sales.

Roxell’s total feeding solution for feed is unrivaled. The feeder pans have an excellent reputation in Central and Eastern Europe. Sales of these pan feeding systems are sure to grow quickly even in the very competitive price markets of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania thanks to their good reputation.


Agata: “Many people in these countries prefer chain feeding systems. But now with the recent launch of the Fortena chain feeding system we can offer these farmers a solution and expand even further in this new market for Roxell. This completes the total range for feeding, which now contains a solution for every type of poultry farmer. 

I am also curious about what poultry farmers will think of the iQon controller after the launch of the new smartphone application. It is a very useful and customer-friendly operating system for managing a poultry house efficiently and simply, all from a smartphone or computer. I’m sure this will be appreciated in my sales region and I hope to be able to focus more on this.”

Which regions offer the most opportunities? 

Agata: “Everywhere where the weather gets cold, we’ll be able to offer house heating. If we add to that the various market trends and geopolitical situations, there are huge opportunities for both heating systems and other Roxell products in Kazakhstan and countries in Central Asia

In my sales region, I expect the post-war recovery of the Ukrainian agricultural sector to lead to high demand for house systems to help rebuild the sector.

The increasingly stricter restrictions on the intensive livestock industry in the Benelux countries and the simultaneous growing demand for animal proteins creates possibilities for the production of poultry and pork in Ukraine and Moldova, as they have both submitted requests to join the European Union.”