Young poultry farmer gives new impetus to company

At the age of 25, Jérémy Choquet took over the family farm in Trédion in the French region of Brittany. Jérémy invested in a poultry house for broilers with a surface area of 2000 m2 and gave a new impetus to the company. “Animal welfare was an absolute priority when implementing my new project,” says the young poultry farmer. 

Natural behaviors and social instincts

The systems Jérémy would use to equip the house needed to respect the natural behaviors and social instincts of his chickens. Sodimel, the installer of farm equipment, advised him to opt for a CoMeo® feeder pan and Swii’Flo® drinking nipple

Animal-friendly feeder pan and drinking system

Jérémy wants his chickens to be able to eat whenever they want. When selecting a feeding system, he therefore had a preference for an open feeder pan. In this type of feeder pan, twelve fins separate the eating area into different feed compartments. Due to this division, young broilers cannot crawl into or sleep in the pan. Therefore, they cannot block the pan for other chicks and the feed stays clean and available at all times. In the new broiler house, there are now 588 CoMeo feeder pans.


The broilers also have 3360 Swii’Flo drinking nipples that allow them to drink easily. A drip tray catches the water under the nipples, which keeps the litter dry. This drinking system has a smooth finish, which minimizes the risk of injury.

Modern poultry house that is antibiotic-free

In addition, Jérémy Choquet chose to install windows in the broiler house. Due to the natural light, the rearing space is well-lit and bright. “Just because our chickens don’t have access to an outdoor area, doesn’t mean they’re unhappy. In a modern chicken house, we monitor and manage all parameters to enable the chickens to grow under the most optimal conditions.”

We don’t use antibiotics, because we prevent chickens from getting sick in the first place by meeting a list of welfare criteria. We keep our hens in extremely hygienic conditions and therefore prevent problems.
Jérémy Choquet