Total concept for commercial layers: feeding and drinking systems, nests and perches

In France, some 47 million commercial layers account for the production of eggs, with an average consumption of 230 eggs per inhabitant per year. Hervé, Richard and Brigitte Chevalier started their commercial layer farm in Brittany in 2011.


Their 96m by 13m house was fully equipped with Roxell systems. The 10,000 commercial layers have a free range of 4 ha.

We opted for the total solution proposed by Roxell: a total concept with transport systems, feeding and drinking systems. We installed 2 circuits with 360 LaiCa™ pans, a Roxell nest, the Le Roozzt™ perch system and the Sparkcup™ drinking system.

Sodimel, a French Roxell distributor, got them off to an optimal start and assisted Hervé, Richard and Brigitte with the house management.

Brigitte spends around 2 hours per day in the house. There are 4 feeding times per day. The average feed intake per layer per day is 128.1 g and the feed intake per egg 147.5 g. With a total production of 314 eggs per layer over a period of 19 to 69 weeks, the Chevalier family has every reason to be quite satisfied.

During the previous flock, we recorded a feed conversion of 2.28, as few as 4 floor eggs per day, negligible feed wastage and a low culling rate. The results speak for themselves: an egg production peak of 98% with an average of 87.10%.