Extra distributor of farm equipment in Poland: Tefa Sp

16 March 2021

The Polish poultry sector is modernizing and their pig houses are expanding. Therefore, Tefa Sp is becoming Roxell’s 4th distributor of farm equipment for poultry and pigs in Poland. 


The Polish poultry sector is making a seamless transition to modernized houses and systems. The annual growth of 6% provides a solid foundation for new investments. The pig sector in Poland doesn’t have the quite same growth curve, but pig houses are nevertheless expanding in size. These favorable conditions provide many opportunities for the three existing distributors and allow us to appoint a new fourth distributor. Tefa Sp from Strzelce Opolskie (southwest) is Roxell’s new distributor of poultry and pig systems. Allow us to briefly introduce them.

Farm equipment from an experienced partner

Tefa Sp specializes in equipping farms and has 18 years of sector experience to share. The company has service and project departments that also draft designs and electrical circuits. In addition, they have a warehouse with space for 350 pallets, which they will fill with an ample supply of Roxell’s systems. Installations are carried out by their people with the assistance of carefully selected installers.

Roxell chose Tefa SP due to their experience in the sector. The company receives good reviews from their customers. Roxell found them to be a professional and well-organized company that exudes passion. They are a great addition to our existing distribution network in Poland.

We asked CEO Marcin Lebok why Tefa Sp wanted to become a Roxell distributor: 

I always hear from customers all over Europe that Roxell has the best feeding systems and that is why I was eager to become a Roxell distributor. I want to offer only the very best quality products.

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