Sere Transilvania is the new distributor for Romania and Moldova

18 February 2022

Roxell recently signed an agreement with distributor Sere Transilvania S.A. from Cluj, Romania. The company, run by CEO Csaba Lengel, is a new partner for setting up poultry and pig houses with Roxell’s feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems. New to us, but certainly not new to the agricultural sector. Allow us to introduce Sere Transilvania. 

Sere Transilvania is an important player in the horticultural sector. How did you come into contact with Roxell?

Csaba Lengel: “We have distributed Holland Heater heating systems for many years. After Holland Heater was acquired by Roxell last year, we met with Viktor Duganov, the Area Sales Manager for our region. Viktor was striving to create synergy in the sales networks of Holland Heater and Roxell. And we mentioned we had an interest in entering the livestock market. After a few exploratory meetings, a mutual trust had developed.”

What sparked your interest in the livestock sector?

Csaba Lengel: “We expect the meat sector in Romania to shift towards domestic production in the coming years. We rank eighth in poultry production in the EU, but we import 40 % of our poultry. The pork on supermarket shelves is also primarily (70 %) imported.”

What are the challenges?

Csaba Lengel: “We’re focusing on gaining the confidence of Romanian poultry and pig farmers. Roxell may be a global brand, but in Romania, few have heard of it. We want to change this by convincing the market of Roxell’s added value. Since the sector is aiming for professionalization, Romanian farmers with ambition will have to prioritize their investments differently. And we can help them take this step.” 

What makes Sere Transilvania the ideal partner for house equipment?

Csaba Lengel: “We have provided top-quality service since 2009. It’s our mission to become a leader in the agricultural sector and we do this by providing quality and service. We want to live up to this reputation in the poultry and pig sector as well.”

Which Roxell systems will you be adding to your product range?

Csaba Lengel: “We sell and install the entire Roxell range, for poultrybroilers, broiler breeders, commercial layers and turkeys – as well as pigs. And we are focusing on both Romania and Moldavia.”

Roxell wishes Csaba Lengel and the 25 employees at Sere Transilvania all the best for the future!


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