Roxell client in Argentina producing rubbing alcohol to combat corona

4 May 2020

Some agricultural companies are doing more than just supplying food during the corona crisis. Thanks to a circular agriculture approach, one of Roxell’s clients is now producing alcohol for hand sanitizers.


During the corona pandemic, one thing is clear: agricultural companies all over the world are essential for providing people with food. But some agricultural companies are doing even more. One of Roxell’s clients in Argentina adopted a circular approach at its company a few years back. At their pig company, they use our Blu’Hox™ feeding system. But today the spotlight is on their distillery, where they are producing much needed rubbing alcohol to be used in hand sanitizing gels.

All-round agricultural company

Isn’t it unusual for an agricultural company to have a distillery? Not really! The Aguilar Benítez family has a good thing going for them from a biological and ecological point of view. They own a sizable amount of land to use for growing corn and grains, which they process into animal feed. They then use this feed in their cattle and pig companies. With the manure from the animals, they produce energy in their biogas system, and fertilize the land. With the grains, they distill alcohol in their distillery. The grain waste from the distilling process is also used as a nutritious ingredient in the animal feed. Their activities form a perfect circle. They sell the rubbing alcohol to the company Porta Hermanos that is now producing large quantities of hand gel.

Resuming operations due to corona

The mini distillery, with a capacity of 5 million liters per year, was temporarily closed due to the struggling Argentinean economy. However, since there is now a demand for raw materials, the family is glad to be able to contribute to the health of all Argentineans with their distillery.

Read more about the circular project of the Aguilar Benítez family (article in Spanish).

It’s great to hear that our clients are contributing in this way during the corona crisis. 
Roxell wishes the Aguilar Benítez family all the best with their Blu’Hox feeding systems for meat pigs.