New distributor for great results in Indonesia

26 August 2021

As soon as the poultry market in Indonesia grows again, Roxell will be ready with a distribution network that is fast and competent. Meet PT Talenta Eksekutif Indonesia.


The poultry sector in Indonesia is struggling due to the pandemic. Fortunately, forecasts show improvement and we hope the good growth will return soon. Roxell will be ready with a solid distribution network that responds quickly and with expertise to local poultry projects. We therefore have appointed a new distributor who can rely on 20 years of poultry experience. Meet PT Talenta Eksekutif Indonesia.

Director As'ad Nirwan is a well-known name and he has an excellent reputation in the poultry industry. Thanks to this experience, he is very familiar with our systems. We didn't have to convince him about the quality and strength of the Roxell brand:

Innovative products
With Roxell's innovative products, I can guarantee success for my customers. The systems are unique to our market and help poultry farmers to work much more efficiently. In this region, automating houses is really the next step to meet future demand. My team will assist the sector with appropriate advice.
As'ad Nirwan, PT Talenta Eksekutif Indonesia

PT Talenta Eksekutif Indonesia distributes all Roxell systems for broilers, broiler breeders and commercial layers. The company will be responsible for sales, installation, service and after-sales service. 

As'ad Nirwan and his team: Roxell wishes you every success!

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