Flex-Auger™: custom service and fast delivery for Asia and Oceania

10 November 2020

Roxell has started manufacturing the Flex-Auger™ transport system in Malaysia. This is our response to your requests for custom service and shorter lead times.

Flex-Auger for biosecurity

Biosecurity is becoming a more important consideration for every livestock company. This is why demand is growing for the Flex-Auger transport system. With Flex-Auger, you can build an extremely flexible overhead system that transports feed outdoors and indoors, regardless of the obstacles. It can transport feed quickly, in large volumes, and over long distances. This is the link to biosecurity, as feed deliverers should not be allowed to drive onto the site. The Flex-Auger system allows you to eliminate a potential source of disease.



Custom service in Asia and Oceania

The flexibility of the Flex-Auger product range is a definite advantage. The tubes, which contain the auger, are available in 4 diameters, each of which have a different feed capacity. Long distances, corners, height differences — there is a solution for every situation. And now we can deliver these solutions to Asia and Oceania much faster. Local production means we can meet your local demand, including custom requests.

Quality production in Klang

To make this local production a reality, the team in Klang (Malaysia) worked with the product team in Maldegem (Belgium). They shared experience and knowledge and received training, to ensure that the quality of the end product would be as high as in Belgium. They succeeded in starting production in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. On 16 October, the first Flex-Auger was produced.

Want to find out more about the Flex-Auger transport system? Contact a distributor in your country. Can’t find a distributor for your country on the map? Contact Roxell.

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