Distributor Smits Agro and Roxell: a story of shared growth and success

13 February 2018

Smits Agro is celebrating its 60th anniversary and we’r e taking this opportunity to shine a spotlight on its achievements. 50 years ago, this Dutch company was our number 1 Roxell distributor. It’s safe to say that Roxell’s ’Yellow Power’ is in their DNA.

roxell-distributor-smits-agro-shared growth-success

Smits Agro distributes our bins, and feed and drink lines. We have grown and prospered together and have a strong relationship with a mutual respect for one another; a respect that has only deepened throughout the years.

It all began 60 years ago on 1 September 1958 when Jan Smits founded the company 'Mechanisatiebedrijf Smits VOF’, which sold Symplex milking machines.

In the years that followed, they switched to bin construction and changed their name to Smits Breda. In their heyday, they built an average of 4 bins per day with 35 employees.

In 1967, they became a Roxell distributor. The introduction of an automatic feeding system with an axe-less auger was now a reality. Smits Breda quickly became successful in the installation of livestock equipment.

An expanding range

In 1992, Mr. H. Wilbers took over the company. Smits Agro continued to grow and the collaboration with Roxell was strengthened. They shared their end clients’ experiences with us. Even now, these experiences continue to help Roxell in its product development.

Smits Agro also underwent some structural changes. A seperate ’industry’ department handled the transportation and bulk handling of augers, mixers, feed screeners and weighers etc. These products resulted in constant and clear growth over the years. As a result of this, Smits Agro became one of Roxell’s most valuable distributors.

Better service from two additional locations

Expansion became a necessity at this point. It was time to open an extra location in the north-east of the Netherlands. The 2 nd location in Nijverdal ensured they could provide an improved service that could respond more rapidly to demands. The additional service resulted in more effective house management. This focus on service is 100% in line with Roxell’s own philosophy.

In 2017, Smits Agro opened a 3 rd location in Beilen. Instal Agro is now the number 1 installer in the Netherlands for the agricultural sector and offers a total package of solutions.

The combination of Roxell en Smits Agro is synonymous with an unrivalled knowledge of the poultry market
John Van Drunen - Director Smits Agro

Decades of knowledge to share

With 60 years of experience in feed storage, feed transport with augers, and feed and drink lines, they have a lot of knowledge to share. As a way of introducting farmers to the range of products, Smits Agro regularly holds open days. They are the perfect way to discover Roxell’s new productsget answers to your questions and share your own experiencesView the calendar online or contact Smits Agro for more information.

Bright future ahead

Currently, the company is led by Rikjan Schuttevaar and John van Drunen. Both of them are still actively involved in sales. Together with their team of 40 employees, they hope to experience many more successful years in the dynamic agricultural sector. A sector for which the Netherlands is famous for and proud of. And a sector in which Smits Agro and Roxell share a deep mutual respect.

Roxell congratulates Smits Agro on its 60th anniversary!