Centrokoka: the new Roxell distributor for Serbia

12 June 2019

The family business Centrokoka will distribute our systems for broilers, broiler breeders, turkeys and pigs. The poultry sector is growing in Serbia thanks to funds for investment in agriculture (IPARD). This country is a candidate for EU membership, which can offer positive prospects for export growth.


Up-and-coming region

The pig sector has always played an important role in Serbia, since pork is the most popular meat product in the country. However, the poultry sector is now growing, and this is due to several reasons. First, agricultural investments are increasing. In addition, Serbia is a candidate to join the European Union. If they are admitted to the European Union, they can expect increased export opportunities. Serbia also has the advantage of having access to the raw materials required to produce animal feed: corn, soy, wheat, sunflowers and so on. They are therefore less dependent on the availability and prices of raw materials on the worldwide market. Another important factor is that Serbia already has several breeding companies for broiler breeders and layers.

About Centrokoka

Until recently, Roxell had a long-standing distributor in this region, however, they have now retired. But there is a new successor: Centrokoka. This company was founded 17 years ago and is now a prominent name in the poultry sector. Centrokoka is a small family business with a driven, young man at the helm, Bojan Jovanovic. They will distribute feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems in Serbia. In addition, they will carry out the installations themselves and also offer after-sales service.

Roxell is delighted to welcome Centrokoka as its new distributor in this up-and-coming region.

Contact details "Centrokoka-MBD" d.o.o.:

Bojan Jovanovic, Owner:  b.jovanovic@centrokoka-mbd.rs
Mesovito Preduze Centrokoka-MBD DOO , Cane Babovic 11, 12000 Pozarevac, Serbia
T.: +381 12 510 267