Advantages of turnkey: Serupa and Roxell work together

1 March 2020

Roxell is collaborating with Serupa in the West African market. Serupa designs, produces and installs poultry houses and industrial buildings in French-speaking regions. This collaboration will allow us to provide the complete project, from the building to the house systems. This offers many advantages. 


First and foremost, it saves time. In particular, for poultry projects that are starting from scratch, since there is a lot to consider: you have to find suppliers, request quotations, compare, and negotiate. Roxell and Serupa have a shared contact person. In West Africa, he will advise you on the best comprehensive solution for you. You negotiate with one contact person and purchase a fully operational poultry house. This means the quotation process will go much quicker.

Quality for the right price

But that’s not all. During the construction of the houses, our contact person will arrange everything for you. He will coordinate, supervise and provide advice during the entire project. The systems are perfectly attuned to one another. This results in an end product with guaranteed quality for the right price.


Stéphane, contact person in your region

The central contact person who will carefully guide the process is Stéphane Eury. Stéphane, who has worked for Serupa for 4 years, is now also responsible for the sale of Roxell products in West Africa. He has lived in the region, which means he knows the local market through and through. 

Solutions under one roof

The collaboration between Serupa and Roxell did not come about merely by chance. We are both market leaders in our sector. Serupa is synonymous with high-quality house construction and Roxell with innovative house equipment. In addition, both companies belong to the CTB Inc group. Serupa and Roxell’s products complement each other perfectly — certainly in the West African market, where Serupa has been active for several years. For Roxell, it’s a fairly new market. The demand for comprehensive solutions – turnkey – is significant in this region. Together, we can provide a complete solution to local poultry farmers.

You can reach Stéphane Eury via: