Yousef: Business Development Manager

Sales Department


Me and the farming sector? It was love at first sight. I love working with animals and with people, and here I can do both. At Roxell, we always do a bit extra for the animals. In order to improve our products, we start from the animal's needs. To find out what they are, we first observe their behavior. That's incredible fun and you learn a lot. I always say that I'm fluent in chicken language!  

The best thing about working at Roxell? My colleagues! Last year, on my birthday, I was in America for a meeting. My colleagues had arranged a surprise for me. So thoughtful! A new job is always a learning process. I come from Jordan and I had a slightly different job there. Not to mention the fact that I arrived here in a new country with a new culture. My colleagues made those adjustments much easier by taking time to help me, and that means a lot. 


I have an international job. That has allowed me to travel extensively, learn a lot and work with people from all over the world, all of whom have their own culture. And my work-life balance is good. I have a lot of freedom and I'm allowed to manage my own appointments. That freedom only makes me enjoy my job even more.