Strong values for a strong company

We and our staff ensure that every day, our systems allow thousands of chickens on farms to feed freely. And to be able to offer solutions to complex issues, certain strong values are indispensable. 



Do we say what we do, or do we do what we say? We do both here. We are honest in thought and action. And that makes us trustworthy.


We realize that earning trust and being trusted are inextricably linked. That's why we give our staff the right amount of trust so that there is enough freedom to do your job independently. For us, that's the ultimate formula for ensuring that everyone can contribute in their own way. 


The atmosphere in the workplace at Roxell? It's pleasant and there’s a friendly team spirit. Feel free to ask our staff. How is that possible? Because at Roxell, you’ll find respect woven throughout the entire organization. Respect not only for people, but also for animals. 

Team spirit

What makes us strong? Our passionate people. Strong teams collaborating to make equally strong products and working towards a shared result and common goal, across departments and national borders. From purchasing to production and from Maldegem to Malaysia. 


We are driven by people who take pleasure every day in a job with variety and opportunities. We focus on quality and encourage our colleagues to join together in achieving it at the highest level. 

Open mind

We have introduced 33 new systems in the last 50 years, and those innovations are driven by our people. People who listen to new ideas and to each other and who keep an open mind with regard to alternatives and innovations. So we can create projects allowing for suggestions which add to a pleasant work environment.