Sophie: Team Leader Welding and Assembly

W&A Department


As a team leader, it's my job to teach my colleagues new skills. You get good training in the beginning and after a while, we give you the freedom to find your own way of working. The most satisfying thing for me is seeing someone doing their job full of self-confidence. Then I've done my work well. 

You don't often run into companies like Roxell. We work in a production environment, but it's not assembly-line work. You're not dependent on the speed of other people here. You personally produce a component from A to Z. You are given the responsibility for something right up to the finished product, and at the end you can say proudly "I made this."


You can really feel the team spirit here. We're a close-knit group and we always work together. The company organizes a staff party and a number of events, fantastic for getting to know another side of your colleagues.