The choice for a good quality-price ratio, efficiency, reliability and service

The correspondent of Zootecnica International, Sergey Cherepanov visited Staratel, joined by 2 experts of Roxell.


The poultry company “Staratel LLC” is located in a picturesque, but rather remote Breitovo district of the Yaroslavl Region (Russia). In direct translation from Russian “Staratel” means “ Prospector”.  

The broiler growing enterprise Staratel has been established in December 2009. Two existing brick houses were renovated and equipped with cage batteries. Now the capacity of each of these houses is 44.000 broilers. Later they constructed another five houses in modern design with  insulated  sandwich panels. Now the total simultaneous capacity of all houses is 280.000  broilers. In average Staratel produces about 2.100.000 broilers per year. In each house they grow 7 to 8 flocks of broilers annually. The average duration of growing period is 37 to 40 days, depending on target weight at slaughtering. When growing period is 37 days, average weight at slaughtering reaches 2,30-2,35 kg.  When the broilers grow up to 40 days, the final weight reaches  2,70 kg. The average daily weight gain is between 60 g and 64 g, the feed conversion rate is between 1,70 and 1,77, livability per growing period is 94 to 97%.

The plant staff consists of 20 persons in total, including plant manager and his assistant, guards etc.  Among this personnel there are 3 technicians, who take care of all houses, supervise and operate everyday processes. This is possible due to the high degree of automatisation. 

Innovative equipment and reliable partners

According to Mr Sergey Maslov of Staratel, the gained level of production and economic efficiency is the result of a careful selection of equipment, strict compliance of all technological requirements and working discipline.

When choosing manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, Staratel always takes into considertion an optimal price/quality ratio, the efficiency and reliability of equipment, the technical support and service. 

As for feeding systems, main factors for evaluation of partners were easy and equal access of chicks of various ages to feed, minimal feed waste and spoiling of feed, robustness of feeders and feed transportation lines, easy maintenance and cleaning.  

Currently Staratel is testing the new patented pan feeder of Roxell (CoMeo®) in a house with a capacity of 19.500 broilers.  

CoMeo is the first open feeder of Roxell

The low height (60 mm) and open design of the pan ensure an excellent start-up. After a few days birds already line up around the pan to eat. 360° flooding keeps the CoMeo-pan full of feed. The chicks stay out of the pan from day 2. This way no manure accumulates in the pan and no feed gets wasted.


Lights are located immediately above the pan feeders. This helps chicks to find feed in the illuminated zone and have rest in the less illuminated parts of a cage. Application of such lighting system enables energy savings and ensures optimal level of illumination, optimal dispersion and flexibility to vary light regimes. 

After the loading of broilers and emptying of cages, all feeding pans can be lifted for easy inspection and cleaning.

The results of the test were very positive. In all future projects, CoMeo will be the prefered feeder pan. The other houses contain the HaiKoo® feeder of Roxell, feed bins, Flex-Auger™, screeners, weighers and a Circular Distribution System.

In brief, improving the production potential in current complicated conditions, optimizing the economical efficiency, quality and assortment of products, these are the main goals of the management and employees of “Staratel LLC”.