Hungarian pig farmers praise Blu’Hox® hog feeder

Pig farmers are looking for feeding systems that encourage pigs to eat more and lead to better feed conversion. It’s mission accomplished at two pig farms in Tiszaszentimre and Tiszatenyő (Hungary). 

hog feeder pigs
hog feeder pigs

In 2020, Anitech (a division of Alpha-Vet) became a distributor of Roxell’s pig systems. They are an experienced partner that in a short time frame were able to convince Hungarian pig farmers of the merits of the Blu’Hox® feeding system. We asked two of their customers why they think Blu’Hox is the perfect solution. Read more about their experiences with Blu’Hox.

Question 1: How did you find out about the Blu’Hox hog feeder?

Mária Szabó from Tiszaszentimre has a pig farm with 500 sows and a multitude of meat pigs

Mária: “I was searching the internet for hog feeders with multiple feeding points for my piglets and among the search results was Blu’Hox. As a test, I ordered three of them and placed them alongside similar models from other manufacturers in my pens. Blu’Hox was the clear favorite from the test. My piglets clearly preferred to eat from Roxell’s hog feeders. This led me to choose Blu’Hox.”

Tamás Molnár has a pig company with 30 000 pigs in Tiszatenyő.

Tamás: “I have been involved in pig rearing for many years. In that time, I’ve seen every hog feeder there is on the market. Blu’Hox is still my absolute favorite.” 

Question 2: In your opinion, what is the biggest advantage of Blu’Hox?

Mária: “The most important benefit is that the animals eat more pig feed from a Blu’Hox. The large feed capacity makes a huge difference.”

Tamás: “The durability of the materials. Our Blu’Hox hog feeders are over eight years old and everything is still working perfectly. After they’ve been cleaned, they look as good as new. They are also reliable and this is the only feeding system that I know of that can handle every type of pig feed. These are the three biggest advantages for me.”

Question 3: What is it like to use a Blu’Hox hog feeder?

Mária: “The system is easy to use and I can set the pig feed volume very precisely.”

Tamás: “I have had the exact same experience. Blu’Hox hog feeders are easy to use and can indeed be programmed very accurately.”

Question 4: Have your results improved since you started using Blu’Hox? 

Mária: “I only recently started using Blu’Hox hog feeders. So, it’s a little early to come to any conclusions. However, the feedback from my employees is very promising. Piglets and meat pigs happily gather around the feeder pans, because they see each other eating. The animals are calmer and are eating more pig feed. My employees say that they are growing faster, so I expect a good feed conversion.”

The piglets and meat pigs simply eat more with a Blu’Hox feeding system and that produces top results. I can compare the figures with other sites in the integration. Companies without Blu’Hox have a much lower feed consumption per animal. My pigs grow better and therefore I have a better feed conversion. That is why I urge smaller-scale pig farmers not to be put off by the investment in Blu’Hox. There is a rapid return on investment, because your animals will reach their target weights much quicker.
Tamás Molnár

Want to feed your piglets and meat pigs with the Blu’Hox feeding system? Contact a distributor in your country.