Systems for commercial layers: egg production immediately exceeded expectations

In 2010 Lydie Boussin's dream started to become a reality: having her own layer hen farm in Pers-en-Gâtinais (Loiret department of France), the region where she was born. After a long red-tape wait, the first 6000 layers arrived at the brand new house on September 12, 2013. 


Roxell as a total solution

The house is 91 m long and 14 m wide and was fully equipped with Roxell systems: 250 LaiCa™ pans, the Sparkcup™ as drinking system, a Koozii® nest, the Le Roozzt™ perch system, and Flex-Auger™ as transport system. The results are excellent: an average egg production of 85% with a peak of 94% during the first flock.

Feed waste is also reduced to a minimum. The unique patented LaiCa with its high anti-waste rim prevents virtually any feed waste from day one, resulting in perfect feeding of the layers. 

Roxell distributor MEF advised Lydie on the use of light schemes and the ideal feeding times to reduce stress in the birds. 

Knowledge-driven growth

Expansion of the farm is not an immediate ambition. Lydie's prime concern is to learn more about the sector and gather even more knowledge about the management of a layer house.

She also gets great satisfaction from promoting agricultural life in schools.

Young people do not always see the importance of the agricultural sector. I find it an exciting challenge to introduce them to our profession and familiarize them with the day-to-day operations of a farming business.
Lydie Boussin

In short, a satisfied Roxell ambassador with a passion for agricultural life.