Full confidence in the quality of the materials for layers

In the early seventies, commercial layer farming underwent a tremendous expansion in Europe. The emergence of the battery cage enabled poultry farmers to accommodate more birds in the houses, thereby boosting the productivity of their farms. It was also at this time that Hendrick De Baets's father started breeding battery cage layers in Oosteeklo (Belgium).


Hendrick took over the mixed farm in 1990. He keeps a total of 8,000 laying hens in 2 houses. In 1999, following the legal ban on battery cages, the latter disappeared and Hendrick switched to floor housing. 

The houses, from feed bin to feeding and drinking system, are equipped with Roxell systems: LaiCa™ pans, Sparkcup™ as drinking system, a Koozii® nest, perches, feed bin, Flex-Auger™ as transport system and a Roxell controller. 

Roxell is an established name in the market, I have full confidence in the quality of the equipment. There's hardly any spillage and we achieve a production of 90% with a very limited amount of waste, with virtually no broken or dirty eggs.
Hendrick De Baets