“The oval HaiKoo® feeder pan is the ideal solution for feeding our 330,000 chicks"

Farm Build Technology Zrt. was founded in 2014 near Gyula, Hungary. Now, eight years later, they manage 17 houses in which 330,000 Ross 308 broilers are housed.  

The oval shape of the HaiKoo feeder pan allows for optimal use of our spaces.
The decision to go with the HaiKoo® feeder pan was an easy one to make. In addition to the automatic feeding of the chicks, the oval shape of the pan allows for optimal use of our spaces. This means we can feed all the chicks at once and they still have enough room to move around. This optimal use of space is more important than ever now energy prices have risen astronomically. The better we can use the spaces, the more economical we can be with energy. It’s a real win-win!

János Netye, Farm Build Technology Zrt.

"Roxell products are synonymous with quality, reliability and convenience. These benefits are ones that shouldn’t be underestimated when you are making such a hefty investment.”

Want to find out more about the HaiKoo feeder pan?

HaiKoo is a unique feeding system that makes the most optimal use of the floor area of your house and creates space. By choosing this pan, you therefore opt to make good use of the available space inside the house. With the Haikoo, you need fewer pans, as an oval pan provides more feeding places.