MiniMax™ for broilers is irreplaceable due to the easy cleaning

Many poultry farms have been started by the parents and grandparents of the current owners. A lot of them are still solid, family-owned businesses with a passion for the sector. This is also the story of the broiler farm of Erik De Sutter in Aalter, East Flanders (Belgium).


In the early eighties he took over the mixed farm business from his parents. At the end of 1998 the sows and fattening pigs were dropped, and the focus was shifted to the 3 houses with 45,000 broilers.

In consultation with Roxell distributor De Jaeger, the houses were fitted out with the MiniMax™ broiler feeding system.

Thus, MiniMax has been used for more than 16 years as feeding system in De Sutter's poultry farm. It was therefore only logical that the new house built in 2013 would be equipped with MiniMax and Swii'Flo® as drinking system for 40,000 broilers.

For the choice of equipment, Erik focuses on the technical results.

Feeding and drinking systems that can stand rough handling and that provide optimal access to the feed for the broilers, is what counts.
Erik De Sutter
What makes MiniMax irreplaceable is its ease of cleaning.

According to Erik, cleaning the house is hard labour. The feed pans are easy to clean, so that less time is lost and the next flock can be started with a clean feeding system.

The future of De Sutter Pluimvee seems to be secured. 

Erik's son has been working on the farm for several years and continues to learn from his master every day. Erik summarizes the management of a poultry farm as follows:

Seeing what happens, day in day out, as every day can be a lost day. If the feed intake and the water consumption are falling, something is wrong. Anticipate and swift action, those are the operative words