The Titan™ for turkeys, now also tested and approved in Hungary

With 40 houses, 145 000 turkeys and a total surface area of 35,200m2, Ebesi Pulykahízlaló Kft. is one of the largest players in the Hungarian poultry sector. So, their decision to purchase Roxell’s Titan™ feeder pan, the largest feeder pan on the market for heavy turkeys, was only logical.

The investment is more than worth it!
Thanks to the automatic system, our animals are provided with the right amount of feed at the right time. However, it was the size and strength of the material that really sealed the deal for us, as this will result in a long lifespan. It’s also great that the pan grows with the turkeys, so to speak, making it suitable for the all of the growth phases of our birds. It makes the investment more than worth it!
Ebesi Pulykahízlaló Kft.
Automated feeding system for maximum growth

“At the moment, we are facing two major challenges. First, the energy crisis and, second, the shortage of trained workers. Like many in the sector, we often lack the necessary manpower. So, the fact that the Titan™ feeder pan is an automatic feeding system and requires little maintenance only makes it more attractive to us. It means we need fewer people to keep everything running.”

The biggest assets of the Titan according to Ebesi Pulykahízlaló Kft.
  • Strong reliability and long lifespan through the use of robust materials.
  • Automatic system that saves time and manpower.
  • Easy to maintain and to clean.
  • The large feeder pan provides easy access to the feed.
  • Designed for every stage of heavy turkeys’ growth: the nursery, rearing and adult stages.