Just a few clicks and you have data about feed intake and stock, the ratio of feed to water etc.

In the vast agricultural municipality of Sint-Laureins (Belgium), Dirk Van Parijs holds 63,000 breeders spread over 6 houses. Dirk has been a loyal and satisfied Roxell customer for more than 20 years. His houses are equipped with a Bridomat™ feeding system, a Sparkup™ drinking line, a Roxell nest, Flex-Augers™, and Roxell bins. Recently, he also had the new Roxell controller, iQon™, installed in a 112 m by 23 m house. In this way, Dirk Van Parijs contributed to the iQon development process and was able to try out all the functionalities.

User-friendly automation system
Other feed computers are often too complex and not always as convenient. iQon is a user-friendly automation system that adjusts, controls and monitors the feeding and drinking process in the house. With just a few clicks, I get a detailed overview of all major flock data: feed intake, hopper level, feed-water ratio, etc.
Dirk Van Parijs

The highly accurate weighing of the feed that is transported to the house ensures high feeding efficiency. For Dirk this is more than just a basic functionality. " Every gram costs money and has an impact on the condition of the birds and the production of eggs. It may be only one or two eggs, but on an annual basis, with a total of 63,000 birds, it does make a difference in productivity."


Another important aspect is the integration of the feeding system and the controller. iQon controls the feeding process perfectly, resulting in a homogeneous feed distribution without stress for the 18,000 females and 1,500 males.

If something goes wrong in the house, an alarm screensaver will pop up indicating where the problem is occurring. It also greatly facilitates Dirk's daily morning check and the restarting of the feeding process.

As such, Dirk Van Parijs promptly became an iQon ambassador and is eager to think along with Roxell about the further development of this new controller.