An investment that pays off in the long term with guaranteed results

Brittany has for years been France's leading poultry breeder. More than 30% of the French production originates in this region. In 2014 Cyrille Even took over the Breton poultry farm in the heart of the French poultry industry from his parents. With his passion for agriculture, extraordinary drive and technical know-how, he gets the best out of the breeders after 3 flocks.


A total of 19,000 Cobb broiler-breeders are accommodated in 2 houses. A day bin with load cells is used for the daily feed distribution.

The 1,100 KiXoo® pans feed around 17,500 females using a three-circuit system. Every morning at 5 a.m. the feed is distributed uniformly over all the KiXoo pans. At 5:02 a.m. sharp the system activates the two Boozzter™ feeding lines for the 1,500 males with 70 pans. At 9 a.m. the KiXoo feeding circuits are winched up again so as not to hinder the animals and to promote fertility. 

Cyrille Even is a satisfied man
With Roxell I invested not in a two-year project, but in a career with guaranteed results. The automation of the feed distribution and the Koozii® nest system save me quite a bit of time which I can now devote to animal care. The results are outstanding: optimal uniformity, an egg production peak of 85% after 28 weeks, only 1% floor eggs, and negligible feed wastage. The Sodimel and Roxell experts put the emphasis on quality and performance which results in a professional partnership.
Cyrille Even