Blu’Hox® automatic pig feeder results in uniform weight for meat pigs

Pig farm Vs-Zoo-Lek doo in Serbia keeps meat pigs in groups of 70. But each pig has plenty of opportunity to eat. And the results speak for themselves.

automatic pig feeder
automatic pig feeder blu'hox farm

Centrokoka has been a Roxell distributor in Serbia since 2019. In addition to house equipment for poultry, they are also experts in our pig systems. They installed the Blu’Hox® automatic pig feeder at pig farm Vs-Zoo-Lek doo in Bogatić. Owner Bane Stančetić shares his experiences with Roxell’s round, blue feeder pan. 

Bane feeds his meat pigs with the Blu’Hox 120+, an ad lib automatic pig feeder for pigs with a maximum target weight of 120 kg. 

automatic pig feeder Blu'Hox pig farm
What do you believe is the biggest advantage of the Blu’Hox 120+?

Bane Stančetić: “Equipping the house required less of an investment than I initially expected. I anticipated needing to invest in small pens, but that wasn’t necessary. I can feed 70 pigs with each Blu’Hox feeder pan. The Blu’Hox 120+ has 10 feeding points and, according to Roxell, the ideal ratio is 7 meat pigs per feeding point. Therefore, I needed less feeder pans and partition walls because I could build large pens.” 

The round feeder pan is placed in the center of a pen and if the pigs are interested in feed, it’s always available to them. In practice, I’ve observed that they follow each other when feeding. When they see pigs feeding, they want to feed too, but they take turns peacefully. There is no competition; every pig has the same opportunity to eat. My meat pigs are growing uniformly.
Bane Stančetić

Can you offer your pigs any type of pig feed with the Blu’Hox automatic pig feeder?

Bane Stančetić: “Centrokoka explained that Blu’Hox can handle all types of feed. I certainly don’t have any problems with the feed I use on my pig farm. Everything that falls into the pan, stays where it is in a central location and is eaten later on. Even the spilled water that comes out of six water nipples is caught in the pan. The pigs create a wet mash with the water and feed, which they love to eat. All in all, the feed I purchase is used more efficiently because there is no waste.”

“Centrokoka also connected a dosatron dispenser pump to the water nipples, so I can add vitamins or additives. These extra nutrients — that boost immunity — are better absorbed, which I can see due to the falling mortality rate.” 

Have your pig farm’s results improved since the installation? 

Bane Stančetić: “I have seen an improvement in the results. My pigs grow more consistently, there is hardly any feed waste and the mortality rate is decreasing. Blu’Hox helps me to use my resources much more efficiently. I manage my feed costs, achieve the target weight faster and have a homogeneous group. I’m therefore very satisfied with my investment in Blu’Hox.”