Poultry equipment, automated systems for ducks

Multifunctional, quality poultry systems, installed by a distributor in your area.

Quality poultry equipment that lasts for years, that is what you can expect from a Roxell solution. Durable materials are often a prerequisite for poultry farms that raise ducks. 
This quality is also reflected in our choice of materials — stainless steel for the feeding system and lacquered hanging tubes for the drinking system.

If you purchase a Roxell system, you are choosing a solution that has been thoroughly tested and is being used by many of your colleagues. In addition, you can also rely on an extensive warranty period*.

A local Roxell distributor and installer, because your poultry equipment should be adapted to your needs. Ducks are raised for meat production primarily in Asia and Roxell has a very extensive distributors network on this continent. Our distributors are real experts in poultry equipment. They have been selected and trained by Roxell. They are happy to help you find the most optimal solution for your duck housing.

* as described in our general sales conditions.


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