Poultry equipment with automated systems for commercial layers

Animal-friendly and space-saving poultry systems for egg production

Roxell’s systems are different. They save space, so your commercial layers have more room to run around. Oval feeder pans – a Roxell invention – utilize the capacity of a poultry house much more efficiently than other shapes. So, with Roxell, you get the most number of feeding points per running meter. Our laying nest is spacious and comfortable, while still using space efficiently in the house.

When it comes to animal welfare for commercial layers, Roxell goes above and beyond what the law requires. We have developed perch guard systems for drinking lines. These serenely prevent hens from settling above the water. Moreover, Roxell is working toward a debeaking solution for commercial layers. Watch this space!

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Better finished products
When you compare the house systems, the difference is obvious: Roxell’s products are much better finished. We had confidence in them, so we chose Roxell’s group nest, LaiCa™ feeder pan, feed transport and drinking system. And we’re thoroughly pleased with this decision. We’re very satisfied with the installation and support we received from Sodimel and Roxell.
Jérémy Mehat

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