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Roxell’s experience with broilers is indisputable. When we began manufacturing feeder systems over 50 years ago, the first product we launched was a feeder pan for broilers. In the 50 years that followed, we closely experienced the evolution that breeding companies have undergone. With chicken needs in mind, we continued to expand the broiler range and took an innovative approach. Many of these broiler products set the standards to which others aspire and are global trendsetters. 

We offer you choice. Because each poultry farmer has their own way of working:

  • the end weight of the chickens may vary in your region
  • or you may have certain preferences, such as whether you allow young chicks to stand in the pans when eating
  • you may have floor housing or cage systems

At Roxell, every poultry farmer with broilers can find the right set of products. Once you’ve made a choice, you’ll use the Roxell systems for years to come.

An investment in Roxell’s systems results in savings on operating costs. You’ll save time, feed and energy. Many customers also report improved results per flock. After all, poultry systems have a significant impact on the end results.

Natural behaviors and social instincts
The systems Jérémy would use to equip the house needed to respect the natural behaviors and social instincts of his chickens. Sodimel, the installer of farm equipment, advised him to opt for a CoMeo® feeder pan and Swii’Flo® drinking nipple.
Jérémy Choquet

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