Poultry equipment with automated systems for broiler breeders

Wide range of poultry systems, with a focus on efficiency and biosecurity

Roxell offers poultry equipment for broiler breeder farms that meets the needs of animals today. Research on breeding farms shows that broiler breeders these days lay more fertilized eggs than they did in the past, without eating more feed. This calls for changes to poultry farming, in terms of both poultry equipment and management. Roxell is tracking these developments closely for you. Our R&D team is assessing the consequences and responding with innovation accordingly.

Biosecurity means that a livestock company keeps an eye on external factors that could result in sickness. The poultry sector in particular requires increased vigilance with regard to hygiene among broiler breeders. That is why it is better for trucks not to enter the site anymore. Roxell’s overhead feed transport systems provide the solution.

beak trimming unnecessary with natural beak smoothing

Wide range of poultry equipment for the breeding sector

Roxell’s broiler breeder systems are high-quality, specialist equipment. Many different house layouts can be found in the sector, yet there is an innovative solution whatever the layout:

  • broiler breeder rearing
  • broiler breeder production phase
  • growth phase from day-old chicks to the final lay
  • house layout, whether European style or American style.
Quality products you can count on
We have been using Roxell systems at our farm since 1999,” says Jan Hoving. “They’re high-quality products you can count on. Roxell doesn’t just put any old product on the market. A product like Natural Beak Smoothing is a meticulously thought-out solution to a real and current problem.
Jan Hoving

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