United Trade Co. (UTC) distributing Roxell in Egypt

4 April 2022

United Trade Co. for Poultry Packing & Equipment (UTC) began producing and selling egg packaging over 40 years ago. Over time, the company succeeded in becoming a well-known brand within the poultry sector in Egypt. UTC recently expanded its range to include Roxell’s feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems. The sector is evolving fast, offering many opportunities. Adel Elsaied (Sales Manager) explains how UTC is growing with the market and its customers.

Why did United Trade Co. decide to start installing equipment for poultry houses in Egypt?

Adel Elsaied: “The poultry market in Egypt has undergone many changes in the past 20 years. These days, the population eats much more chicken. This is partially due to population growth. But the consumption per person has also increased because the retail price of chicken is relatively low compared to other types of meat. To keep up with domestic demand, poultry companies are professionalizing. For them, the way to enable growth is to become more efficient. With Roxell’s systems and our service, we can contribute to this transition.”

What range of Roxell products do you offer?

Adel Elsaied: “We equip houses for broiler breeders, broilers and layers. We use Roxell systems to build high-performance feeding and drinking lines. Then, we supplement this with Roxell’s energy efficient heating appliances and automatic nest systems.”

Why should a poultry farmer opt for Roxell’s systems?

Adel Elsaied: “Roxell offers high-end solutions to a diverse range of needs. With these products, a poultry farmer can invest in their future since the systems facilitate further growth. Roxell is an established name in the poultry sector. They have been focusing exclusively on house equipment for 50 years. In the early days, they mostly sold feeding systems but now they offer a high-quality, comprehensive range of solutions. At UTC, we were quickly convinced of Roxell’s strengths. And I’m sure that our customers will be too.” 

We wish United Trade Co. all the best with this important expansion of their range!

Contact United Trade Co. - UTC

  • Mr. Adel Elsaied, sales, adel@unelsaid.com 
  • 54/5 Talae city, km 42 Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road, Cairo, Egypt
  • T.:  +20 1066622100