Sonoma Enterprises is the new Roxell distributor in New Zealand

31 March 2022

The new owners of Sonoma Enterprises wanted to breathe new life into this New Zealand company. Quality remains key but the product range will become more innovative and extensive. 

Please introduce Sonoma Enterprises.

Jon Lee: “In June 2021, my wife Debbie and I bought the company Sonoma Enterprises from McGregor Lochhead. We were handed a great, healthy business, which had been active in the poultry and pig sector for 35 years. ‘Demanding’ and ambitious livestock farmers come here for the latest and highest quality house systems. We’re proud to follow in McGregor’s footsteps. We have a good relationship with the previous owner and can rely on his many years of experience. However, we did move the company from Auckland to Morrinsville (Waikato), which is a little further south but still in the heart of the main agricultural region.” 


“I previously worked in sales and marketing in the agricultural sector and got to know the market on the five biggest continents. Debbie is an accountant and handles the financial, purchasing and logistics side of things. Zander Prinsloo is our Technical Manager, which means that he takes care of the after-sales services and technical support.” 

What is the poultry market in New Zealand like today?

Jon Lee: “In the past two years, meat consumption fell, which resulted in an oversupply. That was obviously caused by Covid. In March 2020, New Zealand closed its borders and tourism came to a complete standstill. There were none of the millions of visitors we usually welcome. A dramatic turn of events considering that 5.5 % of our GDP is derived from tourism. Everyone expects that when the borders open again the egg producers will be the first to revive and then the broiler industry.”

What are your ambitions and why do you think Roxell can help you achieve them?

Jon Lee: “It’s our ambition to keep this company running for at least as long as our predecessors. But we also want to breathe new life into the company. Quality remains key but the product range will become more innovative and extensive. That is why we chose to become a Roxell distributor. Roxell has excellent products and provides great support to its distributors. This provides us with a solid foundation to respond to the demands of poultry and pig farmers. Some Sonoma customers are already familiar with the quality of Roxell’s feed bins. We can say to them: Roxell’s bins are just a preview of what Roxell’s systems can do. We’re delighted to be able to distribute Roxell products and we’re sure that Sonoma’s customers will be just as happy with them.”

Roxell looks forward to a long partnership with Sonoma Enterprises. We wish them every success!

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