Shorter delivery times for Asian market

14 February 2018

In 2017, Roxell opened a new site near Port Klang - the largest harbour in Malaysia. It has 6400 m² of office space and provides a greater storage and production capacity. In total, it’s three times as big as the previous site. We now have the space we need to stock more products locally.


Our Asian customers recently began receiving orders shipped from Klang rather than Belgium, which has led to a dramatic reduction in delivery times. Our customers are already making good use of this extra capacity. A total of eleven lorries were required to ship the first delivery from the Klang site!

Efficient and quicker delivery

“The Asian continent is one of the fastest growing poultry markets in the world,” says Eric Soh, Plant Director Malaysia. “Roxell wants a local presence, right where the products are sold. Thanks to the increased production and storage capacity, we are expanding the local product range and are serving our customers more efficiently and quickly.”

The first shipment from Klang was for Poullive, our distributor in Malaysia. They ordered Roxell materials for a new broiler house. All the items for the project were in stock at this new, local site. Therefore, this large order was able to be shipped very quickly from our Klang location.

Our ultimate aim is to be able to respond more quickly to our customers’ needs.