Roxell site in Maldegem invests in future-oriented production

15 June 2022

Have you always wanted to see modern machines and robots at work? Then you’ll be interested to hear about our machinery! Roxell is investing in innovative sheet metal machines and robots.

At the Roxell site in Maldegem (Belgium), we process and bend a lot of metal. To do this, our operators use the latest sheet metal machines and robots. These machines handle most serial production and heavy bending work. They also provide us with the flexibility to adapt production to customer demand. With these investments in new technology, the job of an operator looks very different than it did a decade ago. Their role is not only more modern, but many operators also find the machines fascinating to work with. An overview of the latest additions to our machinery:

1. Bending robot: for serial production and large products

In 2019, Roxell began using a bending robot for bending large products. This robot bending cell is used for large serial orders and allows us to switch between orders on a daily basis. 

2. Robot: for bin rings

Roxell produces thousands of metal feed bins each year. A metal feed bin can easily be shipped in a disassembled state. But Roxell also offers a range of stacking options. With our bin robot, we can carry out this production and stacking process correctly and efficiently. Since January 2022, this robot has helped us grab, number, move and stack bin rings onto pallets. In between these tasks, the robot also carries out quality measurements. In the past, the operator would have to remove the rings from the machine themselves. This was a physically challenging task that is now carried out by the robot.

3. Press brakes: safe and accurate bending

These two Trumpf press brakes might not be as flashy as the robots, but they are incredibly easy to use and highly accurate. With this Rolls-Royce of press brakes, we can quickly and accurately bend large metal sheets (up to 3 meters) and use its little brother to bend smaller sheets (up to 1.5 meters). The control panel displays step-by-step instructions for the operator, such as the order in which the work should be carried out and how to hold the sheets. In addition to ultra-modern bending technology, these machines are fitted with high-end camera surveillance. By choosing these machines, Roxell is making a conscious choice for uniformity in its production facility. This uniformity also makes it easier to train operators.

Future investments in Roxell innovation

Roxell isn’t planning on resting on its laurels now, as more investments in Maldegem are on the way. At the moment, we are making space for an impressive punch press, which will be at the core of a fully automated punching process. The raw materials will be automatically delivered to the punch press and the punched end product will be automatically stacked on pallets.

We are making our ambitions a reality: the investments in our site are already visible and tangible, and they benefit our employees and customers every day.