Roxell invests in ergonomics and automation

4 January 2023

Roxell continues to invest in automation and robotization to work efficiently and ergonomically. Innovation is in Roxell's DNA and this is the way to keep our plant competitive and innovative. Kurt Meire, Plant Manager of our Maldegem plant gives an update.

New investments

We installed a new Trumpf TruPunch 5000 in September. This is the state-of-the-art machine for punching and
this machine allows us to work much faster and more efficiently. The machine is capable of autonomous and completely scratch-free
work.  This is important for the production of our SirocTM Turbo cannon heater with Holland Heater. We get support from our Production Engineers in programming enough programs to ensure that this machine runs smoothly.

An upgrade for our Swii'flo® machine for drinking nipples is also planned. This servo-driven machine will give up to
25% more output allowing us to make a lot more products in the same time frame.

Ergonomics plays an important role with the acquisition of new machines
When purchasing new machines, we always look for a combination of ergonomics and autonomy. For example, we have invested in new height-adjustable tables and a lifting aid is on its way to assist with heavier lifting. This month, we will have a new retraction system in our spiral machine which will also help us enormously to improve ergonomics for our colleagues.
Kurt Meire, Plant Manager Roxell Maldegem
Major projects in 2023

A number of major projects are in the pipeline such as automating our spot welding cell. We hope to fully implement this project in 2023. This investment will have a major impact on the innovative nature of our plant.

The WMS project for the logistics department another important project on the schedule. WMS stands for Warehouse Management System. The goal is to launch this modern WMS solution with many new functionalities in April 2023. The biggest advantage of this new system is that it will be task-driven and make it easier to work efficiently.