Roxell collaborates with Climatec Equipment Services in southwestern UK

18 February 2020

Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automatic feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, announces a partnership in the southwest of the United Kingdom. From 1st January 2020, Climatec Equipment Services Ltd. (C.E.S. Ltd.) will be distributing Roxell systems for house equipment in this British region. This new partnership is due to the fact that distributor Wellfed Systems is scaling down after 35 years. For this reason, Roxell is passing on the distributorship to sector colleague C.E.S. Ltd.

C.E.S. Ltd. has grown out of the company Climatec Systems, which has been selling ventilation systems for poultry houses for 37 years. Parent company Climatec Systems, which has grown steadily in recent years, has a good reputation among poultry farmers thanks to its professional installations and after-sales service. Their sales team visits poultry farmers on a daily basis. It is this knowledge of the sector that C.E.S. Ltd. will be using to give suitable advice about Roxell’s feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems. Another new feature is that they will carry a large stock of spare parts to keep Roxell systems in optimum condition. The management of C.E.S Ltd. consists of Neil Davies and Oliver Williams, employees who come from the Climatec organisation. 

“After 35 years the directors of Wellfed Systems Ltd. will be taking it a bit easier,” says Gino Van Landuyt, Managing Director of Roxell BVBA. “We searched for a good solution for Roxell customers and found this at C.E.S. Ltd. The company has an excellent reputation and a solid structure. Their sales team has the necessary technical knowledge and they have a highly organised service department. Our customers - in this important region for Roxell - will be in good hands with C.E.S. Ltd.”

In the region, we are known to poultry farmers as the best party for ventilation, while we also built a good reputation for heating. That's because we are in close contact with our customers and offer good service. We now want to also establish that reputation for feeding, drinking and nesting for poultry houses. We are looking forward to meeting existing customers and sub-dealers in the near future.
Neil Davies, General Manager C.E.S. Ltd

C.E.S. Ltd. has recently invested in a company site in Newent, Gloucestershire. This contains a large storage space for spare parts from which replacement components can be delivered quickly. The agreement with Roxell took effect from 1st January 2020. Poultry farmers in the southwest of the UK can contact C.E.S. Ltd. with their questions about Roxell products. In the other regions of the country, Roxell poultry systems are distributed by: Fenning P.J. (East Anglia), Vale Livestock (northeast), Bildabin (North of England and Scotland) and DMC Feed Systems (Northern Ireland).

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