Holland Heater’s certificate ISO 9001 guarantees quality

4 November 2021

Holland Heater has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate: an extra guarantee for partners that the work processes are consistent and that quality is embedded in the organization.

Congratulations to the employees of Holland Heater for acquiring the ISO 9001 quality certification! With this accreditation, Holland Heater can officially demonstrate that its processes comply with stringent quality standards. It gives their customers and suppliers an extra guarantee that shows that there are processes in place to safeguard the operations and quality of the organization.

Holland Heater — owned by the Roxell group as of 2021 — designs and manufactures heating systems and fans for livestock houses and greenhouses. The heating appliances for livestock houses are also sold as part of the Roxell range under the brand name Siroc


ISO 9001 is a certificate awarded around the globe to companies that deliver consistent quality. To acquire the certificate, an external auditor must analyze the transparency and reliability of the internal processes to provide an objective assessment and guarantee.