New distributor in Brazil, Imoto, focuses on meat producers

28 April 2022

Brazil is an important country for meat production — its impressive export figures are proof of that. That is why Roxell has maintained a strong relationship with its distributor Matriaves Ltda for many years. However, in order to continue to grow in all regions, Roxell is introducing a second distributor, Industria de Motores e Maquinas or Imoto for short.

Imoto expands its range 

Imoto is a familiar name among Brazilian meat producers. For years, the company has sold installations and systems to feed companies. These customers are often part of a larger meat holding. In its future project meetings, Imoto will be able to offer a wider range to meet the needs of these companies. Director Carlos Henrique Orssatto is pleased with the new range: 

We strongly believe in Roxell’s product philosophy
Roxell’s house systems are a great addition to our product range. Meat producers are more eager than ever to install innovative and durable house systems in their houses. We strongly believe in Roxell’s product philosophy. And we are going to share this enthusiasm with our contacts.
Carlos Henrique Orssatto, Director Imoto
Central location in Brazil

Imoto’s site in Xanxerê is located at the center of the major poultry and pig states:

  • Imoto is based in the state of Santa Caterina, a region that is home to Brazil’s largest pig stock (31 %) and a good deal of its poultry production (15 %). 
  • Imoto will also be active in two neighboring states: Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso.

Imoto is a well-organized business. With a group of 50 employees, they do as much as possible in-house: technical design, sales, service, installation and after-sales service.

Roxell looks forward to a strong partnership with Imoto. We wish them every success!

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