New distributor for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia: Farmdizajn

31 August 2022

The Western Balkans are an upcoming region for meat thanks to a growing pig sector. And its poultry sector is undergoing a similar evolution. Roxell got to know a young and enthusiastic team of house installers who want to contribute to the professionalization of poultry and pig farming. We are proud to introduce Roxell’s new distributor in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia: Farmdizajn doo.

Farmdizajn knows the pig sector well, as it already installs ventilation systems in houses. Their customers often need other house systems. This sparked Farmdizajn’s ambition to offer a comprehensive range for pig and poultry houses. 

Quality house systems
I want Farmdizajn to be recognized for its quality house systems and Roxell’s products fit perfectly into this vision. Roxell has a wide range of systems that improve efficiency and help to further professionalize a poultry or pig company. The added value is in the increase in profitability and savings on feed, time and energy. In addition, Roxell guarantees a long product lifespan and this is a real draw for customers.
Dusan Vidovic, owner Farmdizajn

Viktor Dukanov, Area Sales Manager Roxell: “Farmdizajn has already built a good reputation with the local pig companies. Customers describe Farmdizajn as ‘reliable’ and ‘focused on satisfaction’. The team of 20 employees have a good handle on the processes: advice, service and installation. This young company has the potential to put Roxell on the map in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. I have every faith in them.”

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