Etienne celebrates his last day at Roxell with a delicious breakfast

2 November 2020

On Thursday 29 October, it was the final workday for our colleague Etienne. After 31 years of service, his time at Roxell has come to a end. We thanked him that morning with a delicious breakfast. As a final farewell, let’s take a look back on his career at Roxell. 


Etienne started working in the Welding & Assembly department on 4 September 1989. His main task was to monitor the cages. From March 1990 to November 1990, Roxell seconded Etienne to AV Europe, together with his former colleague Geert Wille. The aim was to gain knowledge and skills for a new project. Etienne held many different positions, but in 2004 he took on his current role as the prevention adviser

Thank you for many years of dedicated service

All of us at Roxell want to thank Etienne for his many years of dedicated service. We remember him as a hands-on and proactive colleague. With his pragmatic approach, he was able to make health, safety, environment and energy a priority at Roxell. Etienne also played a key role in the realization of our new office building. What a great end to a wonderful career! 

Etienne, thank you and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy your next chapter!