Roxell’s digital team is ready for smart innovation

16 August 2022

Smart innovation is flourishing. That is why Roxell is strengthening its focus on smart products and data connectivity. Our software team that develops the iQon computer, is transitioning into more of a digital team. They are no longer merely responsible for developing new software functions; now they are also exploring smart applications. To help accelerate this evolution, Roxell welcomed two new digital employees. We’d like to introduce you to Gilles Spinel and Kristof Baes.

Gilles Spinel
Product Specialist Digital

In the Marketing team, Gilles Spinel is the Product Specialist Digital. Gilles is working on the commercial development of our iQon computer and the expansion and positioning of our smart range. 

Kristof Baes
Product Owner Digital

In the Innovation team, Kristof Baes is the Product Owner Digital. Kristof oversees the technical side of the digital solutions and plays a guiding role in selecting the right platforms.   

We wish Gilles and Kristof all the best with this exciting new digital direction.